LinkedIn Opens Publishing Platform to Everyone

LinkedIn has so far kept this feature available only for "Influencers"

LinkedIn is opening up its publishing platform to all its users, not just a select few individuals.

Up until now, people such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Barack Obama were allowed to publish their opinions on the platform in the form of lengthy blog posts.

The company is now opening up the feature to all its more than 270 million users. The rollout will be pushed in stages. The first group includes some 25,000 people that have set English as the chosen language on the platform. In the next couple of months, the feature is set to reach the entire world.

“One of our big, strategic bets for the company is for LinkedIn to become the definitive, professional publishing platform. We do this because we want LinkedIn to be the place where members can become productive, successful professionals – not just when you’re trying to find a job, or search for another person,” says Ryan Roslansky, head of content products at LinkedIn.

Basically, the company wants to make people visit more often and not just a few times a week or even less frequent.

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