LinkedIn Launches Language Preference Tool, Personalized Page Feed

LinkedIn is trying to help companies provide better targeted content

LinkedIn has launched two new feature that will help brands improve their user reach, namely language preference targeting and personalized page feed.

The new features are available for Company Pages and Showcase Pages and they’re meant to help companies improve efficiency when it comes to sharing local content with users in various regions.

The language preference targeting feature is quite straightforward and self-explanatory – it allows brands to target their company updates by their users’ selected languages. Basically, if a company based in the United States want to target professionals in Brazil, they can share updates in Portuguese with followers who have set this language as their default on LinkedIn.

The second new feature allows LinkedIn users who visit Company pages to only see feed updates that were intended for them. This means that an announcement related to the company’s business in France will only be available to users in this country.

There are more filters, of course, but this is the basic functionality of the two new features. All in all, the company is looking to give a helping hand to businesses who want to offer more specific data to followers.

LinkedIn has been growing steadily and has recently announced that it finally passed the 300 million registered users mark.

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