LinkedIn Has 200 Million Users in 200 Countries

The professional social network is growing fast around the world

LinkedIn doesn't get the recognition it deserves, but then again it makes Facebook look glamorous and hip by comparison, so perhaps it's understandable. But the publicly traded social network is chugging along.

It's now announcing a major milestone, 200 million users, not exactly Facebook numbers, but nothing to sneer at either.

Those 200 million users are scattered across 200 countries and regions, making it a global network. Most of those are still from the US, but the runner-up is India.

Brazil comes in third, indicating that LinkedIn is particularly popular in places where the internet economy is blowing up.

LinkedIn reported 100 million users in March 2011. Since then, it added more translations and continued to expand. The fastest growing countries are Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia, LinkedIn revealed.

LinkedIn recently made it possible to follow certain profiles, with Richard Branson having the largest follower base. Barack Obama, popular on any social network he's on, comes in second.

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