Life of Pi Is the Most Pirated Movie of the Week

Skyfall is back in the top 10 most popular movies on BitTorrent

After a deluge of DVD screener rips, thanks to the Oscars and all the other awards of the season, retail DVD and Blu-ray rips are making a comeback on BitTorrent. Incidentally, the Oscars are still a month away so there's still time to catch up and see all the nominees, preferably by going out to a theater.

In this week's top 10 most downloaded movies, Skyfall makes a comeback after an early, poorer quality, release proved quite popular late last year.

Taking the top spot is the Life of Pi, a movie lauded for its aesthetics more than anything else – a big reason to see it in a theater, as the most pirated movie of the week.

Besides Skyfall making a re-entry, Denzel Washington-starring Flight makes it into the top 10 at number eight, along with Robot and Frank which manages a tenth spot.

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