Lenovo’s Rugged Chromebook Is Aimed at Schools

Lenovo has built its first Chromebook, as Google gets more partners

Google is getting more people to build Chromebooks, which can only be a good sign. Lenovo has gotten into the Chromebook game with its first device, the ThinkPad X131e. The device has a very specific target – it's aimed at schools and students.

Chromebooks are already quite popular with schools, so the target makes sense. In fact, over 1,000 schools in the US are already using Chromebooks.

What sets this Chromebook apart in a market that's rapidly becoming crowded is its ruggedness. The Lenovo Chromebook is built to be tough, or at least tougher than other Chromebooks.

"With specialized features like a rubber bumper around the top cover, stronger corners, reinforced hinges and hinge brackets, and a high definition (HD) LED anti-glare screen, the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook is ready for schools," Google explains.

The Samsung Chromebook 550 has better specs, a larger display, better processor and so on, than the Lenovo Chromebook, yet both are very similarly priced. The ruggedness of the Lenovo is its only selling point. The Lenovo device will start selling in about a month in the US.

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