Leave Santa a Naughty or Nice Voicemail with Gmail

Or get him to call the kids, big or small, you know

Want to send a letter to Santa, but you thing it won't reach him in time? Fear not, he may be old, but Santa is 'down' with the times, you can simply leave him a voice mail and tell him just how naughty you've been.

Just open up Gmail, dial 855-34-SANTA (or just click on this link) and you're done. Of course, he's too busy these days to actually pick up the phone, but he'll probably listen to what you have to say when he has the time.

At the same time, if you want Santa to call anyone you know, you can head on over to SendaCallfromSanta.com, also courtesy of Google, and create your custom message. This only works for US phone numbers

Calls from within Gmail are free in the US and Canada, but cost $0.01/€0.0076 per minute elsewhere.

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