Learn to Play the Guitar in Your Browser with GuitarBots, Guitar Hero with Real Guitars

All you need is a browser, a guitar and some spare time

The Guitar Hero fad has been dead for a while, but people still believe that learning to play guitar, at least a couple of popular riffs, will make them look cool. They're probably right too, but actually learning to play guitar isn't as easy as it may seem and it's not as fun either.

Guitar Hero is fun, but you don't actually learn anything. A new website, called GuitarBots, aims to give you the best of both world, the fun of playing a rhyming game and the satisfaction of playing a real guitar.

The concept is simple, all you need is a computer with a mic. On the screen, you'll get a track with instructions on what notes to hit. As you play, the game listens to what you're playing, you get points for how well you do.

You do need the Unity Web Player for the site to work, which means you're out of luck if you're on Linux. Unity is a 3D game engine used by plenty of smaller developers.

You can play for five minutes for free each day, though you can increase that to up to one hour, by inviting friends for example.

For $9.99, €7.47 a month you can play as much as you like. That may seem a little steep, but it's much cheaper than any guitar lessons.

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