Larry Page Made $1 Last Year

The amount includes his salary and compensation received from Google

It has become a trend over in Silicon Valley for top execs to get paid with $1 for their work during an entire year. Steve Jobs had such a salary, Mark Zuckerberg joined the club last year and Google’s Page and Sergey Brin have been doing the same for the past ten years.

According to a study created by Equilar and ordered by the New York Times, Page made $1 in salary and didn’t even get any other form of compensation, including stock options and bonuses.

While the $1 salary doesn’t come as a surprise, since Page has been getting paid as such for the past decade, the fact that he received nothing in compensation is rather strange.

Even Zuckerberg, who has recently the club, got over $650,000 (€470,000) from the company he founded and leads.

Page is actually preceded in the chart by Warren Buffett, the billionaire of Berkshire Hathaway, who earned nearly $500,000 (€361,000) last year. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is on the 98th place, with $1.3 million (€940,000)in total salary. Apple’s Tim Cook wasn’t very far behind, earning $4.3 million (€3.11) in total compensation last year.

At the other end of the list, there is Oracle’s Lawrence J. Ellison who received $78.4 million (€56,7 million) in 2013 as total compensation.

Forbes estimates that Larry Page has a fortune of $32.3 billion (€23.3 billion).

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