Lady Gaga's YouTube Channel Purged of 176 Million Fake Views

YouTube is taking a harder stance on fake views, culling billions of them

With YouTube as popular as it is, it's not hard to understand why some videos get hundreds of millions or, in one case, over one billion views. Yet, it's also a known fact, though not exactly advertised by YouTube, that many of those views are fake.

In fact, YouTube has recently been ramping up efforts to remove fake views leading to videos and channels losing hundreds of millions of views.

The latest victim is Lady Gaga's Vevo channel, which lost 176 million views in one day. The only way to "lose" views, of course, is if YouTube deletes them from the count and the big reason why YouTube would do this is that they were fake.

YouTube views are actually quite cheap to buy, $1 will get you 1,000 views. And because they're so cheap, everyone, allegedly, is doing it, all the big names and brands as well as all the popular channels "native" to YouTube.

Lady Gaga's channel has been racking up at least half a million views each day for a long time now. Yet a week ago, it lost 176 million views, the Daily Dot found. It wasn't the only channel to lose hundreds of millions of views on that day. YouTube hasn't commented on the matter.


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