Lady Gaga Smashes Another Twitter Record, 20 Million Followers

She's doing rather well on Google+ as well, even though she joined recently

Lady Gaga has a talent at breaking social media records. She has one of the most popular Facebook pages, for an artist. She's been trailblazing on Twitter. She even set up a Google+ page that got quite popular quite fast.

Her latest feat in the field is becoming the first person to break through the 20 million followers mark on Twitter. This happened over the weekend and she alread has more than 100,000 followers over the 20 million mark.

On Facebook, she's getting close to 50 million likes, she's just one million short. She's even doing great on Google+. She set up a profile a little over a month ago. She's now at over 850,000 followers, people that have added her to their circles.

She's relatively close to Britney Spears who is the most followed person on Google+ with close to 2.2 million followers. Still, Lady Gaga is only the 100th most followed on Google+.

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