Kim Dotcom's Mega Used by Professionals, Not Pirates

Unsurprisingly, those who want to pay for storage space and security aren't pirates

Despite what the entertainment business wants everyone to think, it seems that Kim Dotcom’s Mega isn’t the go-to location for pirates, but rather for white-collar professionals.

According to the service’s chief exec Vikram Kumar, the segment that seems to be the most interested in Mega and in paying for storage space, security and privacy, tends to be formed by professionals.

“Accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, architects… these are people that want to use the Internet, are concerned that their confidential client information may get compromised, and who are willing to pay for security and privacy online,” Kumar told the Copyright and Technology conference in London, The Guardian reports.

The Mega exec also was keen to point out that people who use the service usually used Dropbox beforehand and want a faster, more secure alternative. “It’s essentially a cloud storage company, but in the future it wants to become more of a cloud collaboration and communication company,” he said.

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