Kim Dotcom Warns About a Grave Threat to the Internet, "Capping" – Video

"It's called capping and it's not cool" Dotcom warns

If the internet mogul thing doesn't pan out, Kim Dotcom could certainly make a living as an entertainer. Granted, he hasn't got that much of a singing talent, but when has that stopped anyone? Indeed, it's not stopping his music career. But if music doesn't work out, he's got something else lined up, acting.

Dotcom is a busy man, so busy that he had to quit his active involvement with the Mega storage company. Somehow though, he found time to do a commercial for Orcon, a New Zealand ISP. Or maybe this was just a humanitarian message. "It's called capping," Dotcom explains. "And it's not cool."

When he's not shooting ads, Dotcom is still very busy with his upcoming music service, which now has a new name, Baboom, running for office in New Zealand and, of course, fighting all his lawsuits.

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