Kim Dotcom Takes on White House "Corruption" in MegaUpload Case

A new white paper describes in detail the abuses in MegaUpload's shutdown

Kim Dotcom has been teasing a big reveal for months, but he is an expert on creating hype. The wait is over, as MegaUpload's legal team has put together a white paper describing the alleged abuses of the US government in pursuing MegaUpload.

The white paper goes into detail on how due process was bypassed and the whole US legal process was abused to bring down the site at the request of special interest groups, Hollywood in this case.

"The criminal prosecution of Megaupload and Kim Dotcom is purportedly the 'largest copyright case in history,' involving tens of millions of users around the world, and yet it is founded on highly dubious legal principles and apparently propelled by the White House’s desire to mollify the motion picture industry in exchange for campaign contributions and political support," the white paper (PDF) starts.

Kim Dotcom's two main lawyers, Ira P. Rothken, who's mounting up a defense for MegaUpload in the US, and Robert Amsterdam, who has a number of high-profile international cases under his belt, worked on the document.

For anyone following the MegaUpload case, there shouldn't be many surprises, though this is the most detailed analysis made public to date.

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