Kim Dotcom Ordered to Remove Mega Sign Off Lawn

The Mega founder now has to remove the name of his beloved service from his own lawn

The latest thing to happen to Kim Dotcom can be rapidly transformed into a “First World Problems” meme.

The Mega founder has posted a message on Twitter saying that because of nosy neighbor that made a complaint, the city council asked him to remove the huge MEGA sign situated on the lawn of his huge mansion.

He even went as far as to post a picture of said sign, and I must say, it is quite huge. Of course, his mansion, which was featured in numerous photographs (and ehm… police videos) is just as big and the vast lawn he has in front of his house actually dwarfs the Mega sign.

Followers were quick to express their surprise and to offer an alternative solution, namely to plant flowers in the form of the letters.

There, problem solved!

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