Kim Dotcom Names New Zealand as Home of Mega is the name of the new domain which is allegedly "protected by the law"

The plans to launch the new Mega service on the domain didn’t materialize because the Gabon government wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. However, Kim Dotcom hasn’t been discouraged and now he has announced that the new site’s home will be New Zealand.

“New Zealand will be the home of our new website: - Powered by legality and protected by the law,” Kim Dotcom wrote on Twitter a few hours ago.

This is certainly an interesting move considering that New Zealand officials have admitted illegally spying on Dotcom back in September. Furthermore, the country’s prime minister even publicly apologized for the mistake.

At the time, the controversial character accepted the apology and asked the official to support a “full, transparent and independent inquiry into the entire Mega case.”

He is probably relying on the fact that even if they plan on initiating any actions against him, New Zealand authorities will carefully calculate their every move to ensure that they will not make any mistakes.

Or maybe he's hoping that they will not try anything against him at all.

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