Kim Dotcom Granted Supreme Court Appeal over Evidence Files

His team might finally see what evidence U.S. prosecutors have on file

Kim Dotcom and all those involved in the extradition battle in New Zealand might have a new chance to win the fight.

So far, Kim Dotcom’s team of lawyers could not have access to all the relevant documents the U.S. Government relied on in their case, The New Zealand Herald reports.

Now, this might change as the Supreme Court has granted them an appeal, so the matter can be settled at the country’s higher court.

Kim Dotcom has been accused of running a criminal operation and, despite the severity of the charges, Megaupload’s legal team has no insight on what documents are held over their heads.

They have been requesting access to the withheld information for some time now and they might finally have the chance to get to those pesky documents.

“I am looking forward to the NZ Supreme Court review in our case and getting the discovery needed for a fair extradition hearing,” Dotcom said on the news on his Twitter account.

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