Kim Dotcom: All Megaupload Servers Have Been Wiped by Leaseweb

All data, including trial evidence, has been deleted in the process

Kim Dotcom’s defense case might have taken a hit as Leaseweb, a server hosting provider, has wiped all Megaupload servers.

Dotcom says that all user data and crucial evidence to the company’s defense has been destroyed without warning.

“While EFF is fighting for the rights of Megaupload users in U.S. court, Leaseweb has taken it upon themselves to play judge & executioner,” Kim Dotcom wrote on his Twitter account.

According to him, millions of personal Megaupload files, entire petabytes of pictures, backups, personal and business property have been destroyed forever by Leaseweb’s actions.

“This is the largest data massacre in the history of the Internet caused by the U.S. government, the Department of Justice & Leaseweb,” the Megaupload founder said.

Dotcom further says that while other hosting services have chosen to store the Megaupload servers in a warehouse to protect the data from destruction, Leaseweb has done the opposite.

Apparently, the servers have been wiped on February 1, 2013, but Kim Dotcom has only now been informed of the action.

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