Kickstarter Had a Monster 2012, $320 Million, €245 Million in Pledges

The site is on its way of tripling that in 2013 and cross the $1 billion mark

Kickstarter has had its ups and downs in the last year though, to be fair, they were mostly "ups." The site became increasingly popular, projects have been becoming more ambitious and more successful.

2.2 million people pledged money last year, a huge increase over the previous year, raising a total of almost $320 million, €245 million in funding for 18,109 projects.

These weren't just one-off events, 570,672 people backed at least two projects. More than 50,000 backed at least 10 projects and 452 backed more than 100.

Music was the most popular target, 5,067 of the funded projects were in this category. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, it was games that made the most money, $83 million, €64 million.

2012 saw the first project to raise $1 million, €765,000 in pledges. It then saw 16 other projects do the same, culminating with the Ouya Android game console which raised some $8.5 million, €6.5 million.

While 2012 was great, 2013 is gearing up to be even bigger. If the growth rate continues, Kickstarter projects could raise some $1 billion, €765 million in funding this year.

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