KickassTorrents, Is Down in the US due to a DNS Problem, It's Being Fixed

Thankfully for US pirates, the site hasn't been blocked there yet

KickassTorrents fans in the US are getting a scare similar to their UK pirate brothers, though, thankfully for them, it's only a temporary problem. The KickassTorrents domain, is inaccessible in the US and apparently, in Canada and Brazil as well.

It's a DNS problem, TorrentFreak reports that it has been solved, but it will be a while before all users are able to access the site since DNS records take a while to propagate, usually several hours, even a day in some extreme cases.

That said, the site hasn't been blocked or anything like that, it's a technical problem, one that's being resolved.

In the meantime, anyone can access the site via the myriad of proxies available, or are among the most popular. They're the only option for pirates in the UK and several other countries that have blocked KickassTorrents.

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