KickassTorrents Homepage Targeted Through DMCA Notice

The MPAA is trying to have Google take down the Kickass homepage link

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has made a move against KickassTorrents by sending Google a DMCA request that targets the site’s home page and not just a link of an uploaded file.

Millions of takedown notices are sent to Google each week as copyright holders hope to make pirated movies and music harder to locate.

While others send out DMCA notices for links that specifically infringe their rights, the MPAA targets homepages of websites, TorrentFreak reports.

The MPAA’s strategy has various results since Google doesn’t take action in response to many of their notices, especially if they are directed to entire sites.

It seems that the MPAA is trying to cut down traffic to torrent sites in general and to Kickass in particular this time around.

KickassTorrents had issues with its domain in these past couple of weeks as music industry officials in Philippines filed an official complaint.

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