, the New Home of, Blocked in the UK a Day After It Went Live

KickassTorrents' new domain was blocked in the UK soon after it became available

KickassTorrents had to do an emergency relocation yesterday, when its domain stopped working. The site quickly moved to a new home,, but it didn't manage to redirect users from the old domain.

Later, it was revealed that Philippine authorities seized the domain at the behest of music industry groups, to which the site is causing "irreparable damage."

This is the type of problem The Pirate Bay was trying to avoid when it moved to a new Greenland domain and eventually to a Saint Maarten one, the one it's currently using.

Because The Pirate Bay moved before its domain was seized, it was able to redirect users from that old domain to the new one. KickassTorrents didn't manage to do that.

Still, by now, most users probably found the new site. There was a side benefit as well, as the switch to a new domain also meant that the site was once again freely available in the UK and in other places where ISPs block it.

It wasn't to last though, as it only took a day for ISPs to start blocking the new domain as well. Users in the UK are reporting that is now inaccessible. Proxy sites, the ones that haven't been blocked, should still be working.

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