Kat.ph Is Down and Probably Dead, KickassTorrents Moves to KickAss.to

It looks like authorities have seized the site's domain name before it could react

KickassTorrents seems to be having some problems with its domain as Kat.ph became inaccessible a short while ago. This doesn't seem to be a technical problem or an outage, rather, it looks like KickassTorrents lost access to its domain, Kat.ph.

It has moved, temporarily or not, to a new location, KickAss.to, but there's no redirect from the old domain, so it doesn't seem like the move was planned for.

The Pirate Bay has changed domains several times these past few months, but each time it did it to stay ahead of the police, redirecting users from the old domains to the new ones.

But Kat.ph displays an error and that's it. As TorrentFreak points out, the domain is linked to IPs attributed to DotPH, the Philippines domain register which handles the .ph domain.

Still, the good news for pirates is that the site is still live at the new address. Several proxy sites, which help those in countries where KickassTorrents is blocked, have also started redirecting users to the new domain.

KickassTorrents may not be as widely known as The Pirate Bay, but it's got quite the following online. This, of course, means a lot of attention from the entertainment industry and the police. Still, the site has managed to stay afloat without too many problems.

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