Just One Link to Share Songs on SoundCloud, Spotify, Last.fm Courtesy of Tomahawk

The versatile music player provides a way of sharing any track

Even with the entire recording industry trying to stop it, it's fairly easy to find music you like online and it's fairly easy to share it as well. But there is the problem of fragmentation.

If you use Spotify and your friend uses Spotify, you're set. If you find the track on YouTube, chances are your friends will be able to listen to it, unless the labels blocked it in their country.

But that's still a lot of "ifs," Thomahawk is here to tell you there's another way. The web-powered player is already a great way of listening to the music you want regardless of where you get it.

Now, you can share that music as well and be sure that your friends will be able to listen to it from wherever they want, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, all of the places that Tomahawk supports. It's dead simple to use too, just go to toma.hk provide an artist and a track and you're done.

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