Jetpack 2.0 for WordPress Brings Cloud Photo Storage, Infinite Scroll

The latest version of the plugin adds more features from

Jetpack 2.0 for WordPress has been released. The plugin brings a number of features to regular WordPress installs. The latest version comes with plenty of additions, all of which have already been available to users and customers obviously.

There are plenty of new features, but a few stand out. For one, WordPress users can now enable infinite scroll for their blogs.

What this means is that readers won't have to browse through pages over pages of archives, they can simply scroll down and older posts are loaded and displayed.

Another interesting addition is Photon, you can now use to host your images even if you have your own blog install.

This not only saves space and bandwidth, but it also means that photos are resized on the fly depending on how the blog is viewed, which is especially useful for HiDPI display devices.

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