Jamie Oliver's Food Tube Launches, Part of YouTube's Premium Channel Initiative

YouTube has been investing in professional content

YouTube is continuing its quest to add more and more professional content with the addition of the Food Tube, Jamie Oliver's very own YouTube channel. The channel went live yesterday and more live streams are planned at a regular schedule.

The move is part of YouTube's larger focus on Europe where it's spending a considerable sum to fund shows like the Food Tube.

The site started spending a large chunk of money in late 2011 for shows and channels to be launched in 2012.

One year later, not all of those channels are getting an extended contract, but close to half of them have been working out well enough for YouTube to continue to fund them.

The Food Tube seems to have learned from some of the past mistakes, it's aligned itself with several existing YouTube chefs, who will be regulars on the channel, ensuring an entry into the rather strange world of YouTube videos.

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