Italy Blocks and, More Sites to Come

Italian courts have already blocked several prominent sites

There's some sort of competition in Europe to see who can block the most websites and censor the web the best. Russia has no competition, but further to the West, things are heating up.

Despite the good work put in by the UK, the Netherlands and some valiant effort by Sweden, Italy always finds a way of pushing forward, from laws to tax YouTube, to now blocking and, i.e. ordering ISPs to prevent their subscribers from accessing them.

This is the country sentencing scientists to jail terms for failing to predict earthquakes, it shouldn't be that surprising.

The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents and BTjunkie have already been blocked in Italy. Courts, pushed by the local music industry lobbies, are targeting the top torrent websites in Italy, the ones that take the place of the ones already blocked, so the next sites down the list should be worried.

The local music industry groups are thrilled about the move. There are no details on whether blocking these sites has led to an increase in music or movie spending or, at the very least, whether piracy is decreasing in the country. Given that new sites take the place of the ones blocked, it doesn't seem like it.

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