Irish Privacy Regulators Seek "Urgent Clarification" on Facebook Policy Changes

The changes proposed are minor, apart from the idea to remove user votes on the matter

Facebook's latest proposed changes to the data retention policy, i.e. the privacy policy, are minor for the most part. The thing that has everyone talking about, removing the ability for users to vote on these changes, is inconsequential since no one voted anyway.

But that doesn't mean Facebook is going to get away with it that easy. Many of the more recent changes to its policies and features, for example the facial recognition feature, came after an investigation by Irish privacy regulators.

Now, those same regulators feel blindsided by the latest changes and are calling for "urgent clarification" of some updates.

However, they don't believe there's anything to worry about just yet and note that all this is in the preliminary discussion state.

Others criticized some of the wording in the new documents, believing that things like "can" or "may" are too vague for users to actually understand what it is that Facebook will and won't do with their data.

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