Iraq Blocks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Others

As the situation in Iraq becomes more sensitive, the government has blocked several sites

As crisis unfolds in Iraq, three important online tools have been blocked, namely Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Iraq has been dealing with growing insurgency in the northern area, threatening the integrity of the country. Under these circumstances, access to a number of social media sites has reportedly been blocked by the Ministry of Communications.

Circumventing the blockade isn’t impossible, which is how Twitter users in Iraq managed to get the story on the Internet. According to them, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all inaccessible without some kind of bypassing tools.

A local news agency has confirmed the news, citing officials within the Ministry of Communications. According to the publication, the federal government has decided to block a number of websites and social networking sites in the country, including the aforementioned three sites and several locations featuring adult content.

An official motive behind the blockade hasn’t been shared, but it is believed that it’s the government’s way to fight against militants of Islamic State of Iraq from using media outlets. In recent days, various videos and pictures have made their way online promoting the actions in the conflict areas.

On top of these sites, it looks like WhatsApp and Viber have also been blocked, according to a Twitter user in Baghdad.

Iraq’s Ministry of Communications has taken to Facebook to casually announce that Internet service would be taken down completely on June 15 as optical cable carriers across the Turkish border are going into “maintenance.”

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