Iran Launches Home-Built YouTube, Mehr

The site is supposed to be a proper alternative to the decadent YouTube

Iran is on its way of debuting its very own, self-sustained, internet. It's not quite there yet, but it's working towards it. The latest milestone is a new site, dubbed Mehr, which is supposed to be the answer to YouTube.

But, while YouTube is full of smut, as we all know, Mehr will promote healthy family values, presumably starting with only allowing men to upload or watch the videos.

Mehr means "affection" in Farsi and it enables users to upload videos they created as well as watch content created by the national broadcaster.

The move is part of a larger effort to cut off Iranians from the outside world. Most of the world's popular websites, including YouTube, are permanently or temporarily blocked in the country.

This accounts for the fact that a big number of the people with internet access in the country use VPNs to connect to the outside world and bypass government censorship.

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