Internet Archive Publishes Millions of Images from Old Books to Flickr

Flickr now hosts an impressive collection of old book images

The Internet Archive has teamed up with a researcher and has uploaded millions of images from its collection of scanned public domain books to Flickr.

There are over 2.6 million photos currently in the online archive, but there are many more to be uploaded since the total number rises to about 14 million.

“This way of discovering and reading a book will help transform our medical heritage collection as it goes up online. This is a big step forward and will bring digitized book collections to new audiences,” said Dr. Simon Chaplin, head of the Wellcome Library.

It seems that soon, images will be added to the collection from the over 1,000 new eBooks scanned each day.

The content is searcheable, so you can easily go through it all. The Internet Archive notes that they have “OCR’s the books” and they attached about 500 words before and after each image, which means you can now see, click and reach about each image in the collection.

In the future, they’ll continue working with Flickr and the Archive’s Library partners to make the collection even more interesting by adding more images and sub-collections. They’re also promising some very interesting ideas on how to use image recognition tools.

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