Internet Access Is Being Restored in Syria as the Violence Continues

Internet access was cut off last week in an attempt to disrupt communications

Reports from Syria say that the violence is intensifying, but Internet access has been restored, at least in some parts of the country. The country's capital has Internet access and it's possible that it's working in other regions as well, though it's hard to confirm.

The Internet was shut down in the entire country late last week as the conflict in Syria continues to claim lives and shows no sign of stopping.

Since the country only uses a few connections to the outside world, three undersea cables and one on land, the government was able to sever all access within the country relatively easily.

This was done via router configurations, so it was a deliberate move by the government, the only one able to pull that off.

There's no guarantee that it won't happen again. There are also plenty of other countries where the government could easily shut down internet access if they wanted to.

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