Interior Maps Finally Available on the Desktop Google Maps Site

Over 10,000 locations in several countries are available

A year ago interior maps were introduced to the Google Maps Android app. Since then, more and more locations have been added and the feature improved.

Now, finally, interior maps are making their way onto the main Maps website. This means desktop users can now finally visit the thousands of locations already available.

"Before heading home for the holidays or out to shop on Black Friday, check out indoor maps of the airport or shopping mall on your desktop to better plan your trip," Google explained in its announcement.

Interior maps are available in several countries around the world, though the vast majority is still from the US. Interior maps are also available in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

Interior maps are not part of a different layer. If you zoom in close enough on the locations where they're available, you'll see the floor plans of the buildings, as well as points of interest such as stores, ATMs and so on.

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