Instagram Said to Add Videos to Compete with Vine

Instagram is rumored to be working on adding video sharing features

It seems that Facebook didn't decide to copy Google Reader for its big announcement on June 20. Instead, it decided to copy Vine.

Prodded perhaps by the big success Twitter has had with Vine, Facebook now wants to build video sharing into Instagram.

Apparently, the videos will be short; Instagram will limit them to between five and ten seconds. Vine limits them to a little over six seconds.

This is just a rumor, of course, and there may be nothing to it. But there have been other rumors before about Instagram adding video.

And if Instagram is not thinking about adding videos, it better should be. Vine is now more popular in the app stores than Instagram and, while it may have far fewer users, it's growing fast.

Meanwhile, Instagram is starting to look stale. Of course, copying the apps or services that are popular and building them into its product is Facebook's M.O., and there's no reason to think this is different with Instagram.

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