Instagram Has 90 Million Users, Releases Stats to Silence Critics

There were reports that Instagram was losing users after the terms of service scandal

Instagram has weathered all the "controversy" surrounding it in recent weeks quite well, still it felt the need to respond to some of the more recent accusations that it was losing users. It did this now with a press release or a blog post, but by adding usage stats to its website.

After the whole terms of service issue, there were reports of Instagram losing users. The numbers were debunked, but it was too good a story to pass.

In response, Instagram now says it has 90 million monthly active users and gets 40 million new photos every day.

A couple of months back, Instagram was talking about 100 million users, but those were simply registered users, the 90 million figure is much more important.

What's more, the active users number is on the increase, 10 percent month over month, All Things D found. Some had been claiming that Instagram was losing users after the terms of service scandal, relying on App Data numbers.

Those numbers are unreliable at best, especially for Instagram, as they only look at users who have linked up their account with Facebook.

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