Instagram Has 100 Million Users, Is Staying Indie

Zuckerberg has no plans to mess with Instagram as it grows

Facebook recently completed its acquisition of Instagram, which it announced last spring. Surprisingly, for Facebook, it wasn't an acqui-hire, but that's understandable given the price.

But what's even more surprising is that Instagram is staying as is, there's no push to "integrate" Facebook features, to merge the infrastructure, nothing.

Zuckerberg is happy with Instagram and has no plans to mess with it for now. In fact, he says the entire idea behind the acquisition was for the two companies to work better together, but that's it.

With Instagram and Facebook depending more and more on each other, Zuckerberg and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom decided it was easier if they joined forces.

Granted, the few hundreds of millions of dollars Systrom got out of the deal probably helped convince him.

Still, Zuckerberg says Instagram is just like any other OpenGraph partner in many respects. Still, Facebook is going to have a more prominent position in Instagram, but only when it makes sense.

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