Instagram Embraces the Web, Introduces Site Badges

Making it possible to promote your Instagram profile on your site or blog

Instagram has been one of the premier mobile-only services for a couple of years now. It's certainly the most popular. But Instagram is starting to embrace the web more and more.

Individual photos have always been visible online, but recently, Instagram has launched full-blown web profiles for all its users.

While the mobile app is still the only way to add photos to your profile, it is a big step. But it's not the only one, Instagram is embracing the web even more.

It's now launching website badges for people or companies that want to promote their online Instagram profile on their sites, blogs etc.

Granted, every other website out there already has badges, but Instagram already has over 100 million users.

It's going to add even more as people buy even more smartphones and, more importantly, actually start using them to their potential, but ignoring the web even longer would have been detrimental to growth.

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