Infinite Street View Will Find the Hidden Places You Never Knew Were There

Navigation has never been Street View's high point

Google Street View is great for exploring any place on Earth, any place where there is Street View at least, but that's more and more places each day, from the Antarctic to the Grand Canyon.

But actually exploring isn't so great, the navigation is OK for a few "hops," but it can get annoying after a few clicks, you won't go too far before giving up.

There are alternatives though, Infinite Street View is a simple hack, but it's quite effective at enabling you to discover places around a location, places you probably wouldn't find through Google's interface.

There's nothing complicated about the site, created by web developer Noah Veltman, enter a location, a radius and you get a stream of photos. Scroll down and you get more, randomly selected photos of places inside the radius you choose.

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