India Gov Could Ban Employees from Using Gmail

Gmail and all other US-based email providers could become off-limits to gov employees

Governments across the world are obviously not happy with the revelation that the NSA had been spying on everyone, and particularly on the reports that Google is working, willingly or not, with the agency.

Now, it’s India’s turn to take a stand against the mass surveillance programs.

According to Times of India, a senior official in the ministry of communications and information technology said the government is planning on sending a formal notification to employees, banning them from email service providers with servers in the United States, including Gmail.

In turn, they’ll be asked to stick to the official email service provided by the country’s National Informatics Centre.

“Gmail data of Indian users resides in other countries as the servers are located abroad. Currently, we are looking to address this in the government domain, where there are large amounts of critical data,” said the secretary of the department of electronics and information technology.

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