Imgur Is Revamping Its API, Enabling Apps to Use Its Infrastructure

The API also supports all of the new features from the site

Imgur, the popular photo sharing service, has been working on ways to start making some money. The site is loved because of its simplicity and ease of use, but it's precisely those qualities that prevent it from making any serious money.

Imgur has recently revamped the site to keep people hanging out for longer and has now updated its API to provide more tools to developers wanting to build on top of it.

The API is free for non-commercial apps, but if you plan to make money from something you built on top of Imgur, you're going to have to pay.

The big update is the possibility to use the Imgur infrastructure to host photos for your very own mobile or web photo sharing app.

The site boasts that it serves one billion images every day, implying that it has the scale to handle whatever you can throw at it. There's no reason not to believe it.

The highlights of this new release is support for OAuth2, making it easier for developers to authenticate users. The new API also has support for all the major new features in the site revamp. Finally, commercial access has been standardized.

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