$249 Chromebooks Get 100 GB of Google Drive Storage, Worth $120

Existing Chromebook users also get free storage for two years

If you're a Chromebook owner or you're planning to become one, Google has one gift for you to sweeten the deal, 100 GB of free storage in Google Drive. The new offer is available to existing Chromebook owners and to new purchases as well.

All you have to do is redeem the free space by visiting the special page on your Chromebook while using the account you want to associate the Drive storage space with.

There's not much to it, as long as you're eligible, you should be able to add the space to your account quite easily.

The offer only lasts for two years, so if you want that much space after that, you'll have to start paying.

Your files will still be available after two years, if you don't upgrade to the paid option, but you won't be able to add new ones. You can find out more here.

100 GB of Google Drive storage is $4.99, €3.82 a month, which comes out at $119.76, €91.76 in two years. That's roughly half the price of the new $249, €190 Chromebook. So if you were planning to get 100 GB anyway, you're basically getting the new Chromebook for $130, €99.

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