If You Hate the Timeline, Don't Worry, Facebook's Not Done Changing It

Facebook is working on a new, more traditional layout

Facebook's Timeline, introduced more than a year ago, has been rather controversial. Everything Facebook does is bound to stir some users, so that's hardly surprising.

But just as Facebook was finally done rolling out the Timeline, it started testing a revamped version.

What's surprising, but encouraging, is that this new Timeline takes a bold step backwards and does away with the two-column design of the current one, in a way.

There are still two columns, but now, important actions, such as everything users actually post or photos they upload, take up a larger percentage of the Timeline's width.

Incidental activity and automated posts from apps are relegated to the smaller right column. This should give better billing to the actually important stuff people post.

It's not hard to realize that the move is a step back towards the old profile or the current news feed look. This new layout should feel more familiar to users and should placate Facebook page admins as well.


The new Facebook Timeline (2 Images)

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