ISS Astronaut Chris Hadfield Discovers Google+, Stunning Photos Ensue

Google+ is a great place for photos, especially space photos

By on January 8th, 2013 09:44 GMT

ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield is busy enough in space, but he still makes time to get in touch with us mere mortals down on Earth. He's a relatively active Twitter user, as active as you can be in space, and now he's branching out to Google+. While he's had a profile set up for a while, it was his son that kept it updated.

But a few hours ago Hadfield made his first Google+ post straight from the ISS and he intends to keep on doing it. The response on Google+ to some of the photos his son posted recently, which are stunning, has been great.

That's probably key to Google+, Twitter is great for short bursts of info, but photos are Google+'s strong point. As soon as the photos arrived, the follower count started rising.

Granted, Hadfield has just over 4,000 followers on Google+ compared to close to 135,000 followers on Twitter. But the number has been growing fast since he started posting himself and word got around.

Obviously, Google+ won't replace Twitter, but this does show that there's room for more than one social network and that Google+ does have its unique combination of features to make it attractive.