Hulu Plus Reaches 6 Million Subscribers

Hulu has grown quite a bit in recent years and has big plans for the future

Hulu’s subscription TV service Hulu Plus has officially passed the 6-million-subscriber mark.

“We’re pleased to see so many millions of viewers turning to Hulu Plus daily, thanks largely to our unrivaled breadth and depth of content, including exclusive access to some of the biggest broadcast and cable shows, and Hulu Originals,” reads Hulu’s announcement.

The company is also going to soon start offering ad-supported TV shows on smartphones to users for free in the next few months. Then, a new Hulu Plus iPhone app is in the plans as well.

Hulu has also announced that it has ordered a second season of “Deadbeet,” while “The Awesomes,” “Quick Draw,” and “East Los High” have also received premiere dates for second season returns.

“It’s not enough for us to simply invest in acquiring and producing great shows…we want to make sure viewers know where to find them – only on Hulu and Hulu Plus. To that end, over the next year, we will more than triple our content marketing spend to grow awareness for, and interest in, Hulu Originals,” the company explains its plans.

Hulu Plus has now become accessible on more than 400 million Internet-connected devices in the United States, including Google’s recently released Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV.

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