How to Switch to the Old Compose in Gmail Guide

The new Compose may be too much of a change for some

Gmail's new pop-up compose window is a major departure from the current way the feature works. As such, Google is taking it slow rolling it out. Users are notified that there's a new compose feature and asked to opt in.

Those who don't like change may pass on this, for now, but plenty of people may have been curious to check out the new feature.

It's safe to say that some of them didn't like what they saw or believed that the feature is not yet polished enough for them. Which leads them to wonder how they can switch back.

It's actually not that hard to switch back, but Google doesn't really advertise it, for obvious reasons. It wants people to stick to the new version until they get used to it.

Still, if you want to go back and don't know how, here's what you need to do:

- click on the Compose button to open a new email pop-up,

- in the lower right corner, there's a small arrow, click on it to bring up a menu,

- you'll notice the "Switch back to old compose" link.

Note that Google will eventually make the switch to the new compose for everyone. Even if you opt out now, you will have to upgrade eventually.

There's a newer guide now that Google has switched on the new compose window for everyone, though the steps are very similar to these.

Update: The new compose window is now the default and there's no way to revert to the old one.


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