How to Follow the 2012 US Presidential Elections on Twitter

Twitter is curating the most interesting and relevant tweets

It's election day in the US and you can be sure that everyone is focusing on it. There are plenty of places to watch the action unfold, but if you're looking for the freshest info, Twitter may be for you.

You can be sure that it's going to play a big role in distributing information and keeping people up to date.

If you're particularly interested in staying informed, Twitter's created the #Election2012 hashtag page, which will house all of the important tweets about the elections.

"On Twitter, you can connect with everything from predictions and tabulations to analysis and punditry, as well as rea-time results as they are announced," Twitter explained.

"To showcase relevant and engaging Tweets from political insiders and voters alike, we’ve created a special election event page at," it added.

If you want real-time info, but don't want to be exposed to the deluge of tweets that a regular search would uncover, this curated page may be for you.

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