How to Fake Verify Any of Your Twitter Accounts

It's dead simple to make it look like your account is verified

Here's another reason to hate the new, ugly header image on Twitter, it makes it trivial to fake having a verified account. Not so long ago, Twitter decided all of its apps and websites have to look the same, even if it doesn't make much sense.

In that vein, it added a new header image option on the Twitter website and changed the layout of the profile page. The avatar image is now displayed on top of and in the middle of the header image.

The profile info like the handle, the short bio and so on are also layered on top. For verified accounts, i.e. accounts that Twitter vouches are real, the verified logo is also shown.

This makes it very easy to fake, just add the logo to the header image, position it properly and that's it, your account is now verified, at first glance at least.

Obviously, it's probably not a good idea to do this and Twitter will probably fix it eventually. But it's a glaring oversight especially when Twitter is such a popular target for impersonators, spammers or worse.

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