Here's How to Revert to the "Classic" Google Maps

The old Google Maps is still available if you're not a fan of the new version

The new GPU-powered Google Maps should be available and the default for most people by now. The new maps comes with a slick new interface, the really cool 3D Earth mode, and a few other interesting features. But it's also lacking quite a few compared to the old Google Maps.

Thankfully, the old Maps is still around and you can still switch back to it if you want, either temporarily or permanently. Normally, when Google launches a new site, the old version is eventually retired, but it may take a while this time around, since not everyone has a browser or computer capable of running WebGL content.

In any case, there are several ways of switching back, as Google Operating System notes. You can either click on the "gear" icon menu and pick "Classic Maps" from there or on the "Help & Feedback" menu and select "Return to classic Google Maps."

You can also add "&output=classic" or "?output=classic" if there are no other parameters, to the end of your URL to view the link in the old Maps. The old Google Maps even has the new map colors and style, so you won't miss out on that much.

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