Hack Your Facebook Account to Punk Your Friends

This app takes over your account and starts posting spammy messages

Getting your Facebook account hacked can be embarrassing at best. Doing it yourself, to your own account is, well, counterintuitive. That's unless you're doing it to punk your friends. In which case it can be quite hilarious, especially if your friends are the gullible type. Which isn't exactly a compliment for you, but that's beside the point.

If punking your friends is something you enjoy, Hack My Facebook is for you. The app was built in a hackathon by students and can be quite fun.

It works by making it seem like someone took over your account and started posting as you. You can choose from a number of topics Go Romney!, Go Obama!, Valentine’s Day, Stupid Lyrics, It’s Your Birthday, Dropout or It’s A Girl.

All you have to do is pick a topic and watch your friends go crazy. When you've had enough you can simply "unhack" your account to revert the posts. You can delete the posts manually at any point of course. And don't worry, the messages are rather tame.

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