HTML5 Specs Have Been Hammered Down, W3C Starts Working on HTML5.1

The specifications won't be a W3C standard until 2014

HTML5 is done. Well, in a way, the World Wide Web Consortium has announced that the HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications are complete. There will be no more additions to the specifications, however, HTML5 is not a W3C standard just yet.

However, it means that anyone interested in adopting it can go ahead and start implementing it without the fear of some big changes or additions.

HTML5 won't be ratified as standard until 2014. In the meantime, the specifications will be tested and possibly altered to make sure they can be implemented by all browsers and other applications using them.

"The group will analyze current HTML5 implementations, establish priorities for test development, and work with the community to develop those tests," the W3C explained.

"The HTML Working Group has planned for this implementation phase to last into mid-2014, after which W3C expects to publish the final HTML5 Recommendation," it added.

With that out of the way, work has begun on HTML5.1, the first draft of which is now available, as well as Canvas 2D, Level 2.

HTML5.1 will focus on a few areas, such as responsive images, which should mean support for HiDPI displays as well, and adaptive streaming. HTML5.1 is expected to reach ratification status by 2016, two years after HTML5.

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