H33t Torrent Site Moves to EU Domain

After the .com domain got seized, H33t moved to a new name

The popular torrent site H33T may have lost a domain name over the weekend, but it’s already back online and ready to take on the hordes of users.

The H33t.com domain is history, but the torrent site has now moved on to H33t.eu, where it’s working just as well as before.

Last week’s events that upset so many fans of the site were caused, it seems, by a court order related to a copyright dispute. Although the site’s admins first thought it was a DNS issue, they soon discovered the problem was much bigger.

According to the site’s registrar, they were forced to temporarily disable the domain name due to a court order. However, H33t owners claim to have not received any notice of this.

Either way, the situation is solved and for the time being the site can be found on an EU domain.

Update: The EU domain has stopped working as well

Update October 18: H33t has moved to a new domain. 

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